3rd Professional Training Course

3rd Professional Training Course
Durable, High Performance Cement & Concrete with Mineral & Chemical Admixtures
8-9 May 2014, Pune

The training course was organised at the instance of Arabian Cement, Egypt. Nael El Koshairy, Chief Executive Officer, Andalus Ready Mix Concrete, Arabian Cement, participated

As may be seen in the brochure, the course covered the details about, (a) application of mineral admixtures (fly ash, blast furnace slag, silica fume, rice husk ash and metakaolin) in cement and concrete, (b) application of chemical admixtures in concrete, (c) high performance cement and concrete, (d) case studies and (e) videos. The discussions were mainly focused on the topics relevant to Egypt. 

The Impression Recorded by Nael El Koshairy of Arabian Cement, Egypt