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Dr J D Bapat is a development professional working as consultant, adviser, trainer, arbitrator for cement manufacturing, concrete and construction industry, stationed at Pune, Maharashtra, India

Dr J D Bapat, development professional, started in his career in 1975 at the National Council for Cement and Building Materials (NCB), New Delhi (India), an apex body of the Government of India engaged in testing, training, research and development and consultancy in cement and concrete. He worked there for 16 years and rose to very senior positions of Unit Head and the Programme Leader. He got an opportunity to visit large number of cement plants in connection with the consultancy work related to the modernisation, productivity enhancement, energy conservation, environmental studies and packing and handling of cement. He also completed his  Ph. D. studies at the Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi (IIT, Delhi), during that period. 

Later, year 1991, he joined Walchandnagar Industries Limited (WIL), Walchandnagar (India). WIL is a reputed manufacturer of cement plant machinery. As the Assistant General Manager, Cement Division, he received valuable experience in designing, costing and marketing of modern cement plants.

In the year 1994, he joined academics, as the Head of Department, Director and Principal at the reputed engineering colleges, under the University of Pune (see curriculum vitae for more details). He continued to hold high positions in academics till the year 2011. However during that period, he continued his association with the cement industry and also his research in cement and concrete, through consultancy work. He taught the subject of concrete technology at the Civil Engineering Department of the Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay (IIT, Bombay), as a visiting faculty. He was engaged in product development and techno-marketing of cement manufactured by reputed cement companies. In this period, he also organized and  participated in number of national and international conferences and published research papers in international journals (see curriculum vitae for the list of publications). He also advises reputed ISO certification agency during the audit at cement plants.

His book: “Mineral Admixtures in Cement and Concrete” has been published by CRC Press USA. View slide show on the book contents.

Dr Bapat's experience covers the full spectrum of cement manufacturing and utilisation. He is TUV Certified CDM Technical Expert in energy  and environment for cement sector. View TUV Certification.

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Dr Bapat provides consultancy services in the following areas:

  • Greenfield cement plants and modernisation of existing units

          Manpower selection,  preparation of plant layout, process flow sheet, equipment specification, process calculation including heat and mass
        balance and so on. Comparing technical and commercial offers submitted by the suppliers and discussion with them. Finalisation of technical
        specification and commercial negotiations.  Verification of guarantees after installation and commissioning of the plant. Environmental
        Impact Assessment
  • Techno-marketing of cement, concrete, admixtures and equipment
           Techno-marketing services for cement, concrete, chemical and mineral admixtures, related equipment, including new promising technologies:
         Preparation of techno-marketing brochures and handouts highlighting the technical advantages of the product. Making technical presentations to
         core customers or specific groups comprising of consultants, users, suppliers. Writing technical papers in the seminars and journals about the
         characteristics and applications of the product to create awareness and increase the acceptability of the product. Writing technical blogs with 
         website access. View slide show.
  • Expert in development of cements and cement-based building products
         Development  of new cements and improving the quality of existing cement, cement-based building products like dry mix mortar (DMM), thin
         bed mortar (TBM), micro concrete, AAC blocks, cement-flyash bricks and so on. 
  • Training courses on mineral admixtures, chemical admixtures, durability of  concrete
         Training courses useful for civil, cement production and marketing engineers as well as students. 
  • Expert in modern cement manufacturing 

Expert advice and assistance to suppliers or organisations in the following areas:(a) New energy saving processes or equipment. (b) Recycling of wastes as fuel for combustion in rotary kiln. (c) Reduction and utilisation of waste heat. (d) Process optimisation. (e) Instrumentation and process control systems. (f) ISO certification agencies

Following are the reports on some of his participations:

The presentation made at Cement Business and Industry (CBI) India and South Asia 2013 Conference, at Mumbai (India), 9-10 October 2013. View the proceedings, presentation slides and the photo album

          The presentation made at Indian Cement Review Conference 2014, Mumbai, 6 June 2014. Visit the link and view the proceedings, presentation             slides and the photo album 

        The presentation made at Mission Energy Foundation Interactive Workshop on Fly Ash Utilisation, Mumbai, 11 July 2014. Visit the link and             view the proceedings, presentation slides and the photo album.
  • Cement Technology: Futuristic Trends
        The presentation made at 3rd  Indian Cement Review Conference, Mumbai, 17 January 2015. View: Photo album. Download: Presentation
  •  Process Optimisation in Cement Industry
        Dr J D Bapat participated in the two day National Seminar, as a Chief Guest, organised by MIT, Academy of Engineering, on 20-21 Feb 2015. He             also delivered a lecture on Process Optimisation in Cement Industry. View: Photo album.
  • Orissa Cement Technical Seminar for Architects and Engineers
       Dr J D Bapat was invited to give technical presentation on "Strong and Durable Concrete with Slag Cement", at the technical seminar
       for architects and engineers organised by Orissa Cement Ltd. (OCL), at Bhuvaneshawar, on 13 March 2015. 
  • Ambuja Cement, Nagpur, Technical Meet, 23 May 2015

      Dr J D Bapat was invited to deliver a talk on “Fine and Ultra-Fine Mineral Admixtures in High Performance Concrete”, by Ambuja Cement Knowledge       Centre, Nagpur, on 23 May 2015. Click on the link to view photographs: Technical Meet.
  • Dolat Cement Channel Check Conference, 16 June 2015

      Dr J D Bapat got an opportunity to have one-to-one interaction with the reputed asset managers for cement industry. The interaction was conducted
      during the Dolat Cement Channnel Check Conference, organised at Mumbai on 16 June 2015. View the proceedings and photo album. View
  • GMI Global: Cement Business and Industry (CBI) Conference, Mumbai, 3-4 September 2015

     Dr J D Bapat was invited to make a presentation on “Low-Carbon Technologies for Cement Production” at Cement Business and Industry (CBI)
     Conference, Mumbai, (organized by GMI Global, USA) on 4 September 2015. Four main low-carbon technologies for cement production were 
     presented, namely (a) alternative fuels (AF) for kiln, (b) renewable energy alternatives: wind and solar PV, (c) increasing cement replacement by fly
     ash and blast furnace slag and (d) Portland limestone cement (PLC). 
     View the outline of presentation here:  View
     View photo album here: View
  • Techno-Marketing of Birla Shakti Concrete, Pune, 23 February 2016
    Dr J D Bapat made a techno-marketing presentation on Birla shakti Concrete at Hotel Marriott, Pune, on 23 February 2016. Photo album: View
  • Presentation on Concrete with Mineral Admixtures, Belgaum & Hubli, 9-10 March 2016
    Dr J D Bapat made a presentation on "Concrete with Mineral Admixtures" with focus on application of PPC, at the technical meets organised by Birla
    Shakti Cement at Belgaum and Hubli, on 9-10 March 2016. Slide show: View
  • Presentation on Polymers in Cement Concrete, Mumbai, 31 August 2016
    Dr J D Bapat made a presentation on "Polymers in Cement Concrete", at Vision 2030 Seminar, on 31 August 2016, at Mumbai. View and download the         slide show: Slide Show
  • Development of Dry Mix Mortar (DMM) Plaster: Kesoram Industries, Cement Division: 2016-17
    Dr J D Bapat was involved in the development of DMM plaster for Kesoram Industries, Cement Division, during year 2016-17. The work involved
    intensive laboratory trials and large scale plat trials, which were successfully carried out.  
  • 9th  Annual Argus Americas Petroleum Coke Summit, Houston, USA, 13-15 September 2017
    Dr J D Bapat made a presentation on "Petcoke as Fuel for Cement Production in India: Benefits and Challenges", at the Summit, on 14 September 2017

  • 3rd Annual East Africa Cement, Concrete and Energy Summit, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, 1-2 August 2018
     Dr J D Bapat presented a paper titled "Durable and Sustainable Concrete with Mineral Admixtures". View Details
  • CEMCON: National Conference on "Defect Free Construction, Emerging Technologies and Materials", 7-8 December 2018, Pune
      Dr J D Bapat presented a paper titled, "Strength and Durability of Concrete for Long-Life Structures". View Details.

  • ICI Pune Centre Foundation Day Talk on Durability of Concrete, 21 February 2019
      Dr J D Bapat delivered a talk on "Durability of Concrete" on 21 February, the Foundation Day of Indian Concrete Institute (ICI), Pune Centre.

  • CEMCON 2019: Conference on Modern Trends in Construction Technology & Concrete, 13-14 December 2019   
      Dr J D Bapat  made a presentation in this Conference on "Cement-Based Building Materials". View Details

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CRC Press Book: Mineral Admixtures in Cement and Concrete. Author: Dr J D Bapat. Covers materials, hydration, strength & durability of cement and concrete, with mineral admixtures, in one: http://bit.ly/jdb_publisher 

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