Fuel Cell Power

The fuel cell is the future, sustainable, source of power. It is an electrochemical device that converts the free energy of an electrochemical reaction directly into electrical energy (and heat). The free energy is provided by the electrochemical oxidation of fuel, such as hydrogen, a mixture of hydrogen and carbon monoxide or hydrocarbons like methane, methanol, butane or even gasoline and diesel. It has certain advantages, major being high efficiency and environmentally friendly operation.

                   Although substantial progress has been made in manufacturing and research in the developed countries, fuel cells are new to India. As a teacher, Dr Bapat taught this subject for nearly a decade and takes keen interest in the new developments.

                   Dr J D Bapat, will be glad to associate himself in the following areas:

(a) Establishing fuel cell manufacturing unit in India with foreign technology collaboration: The entrepreneurs may seek Dr J D Bapat’s assistance during the technology transfer from the collaborator, identifying the needs of infrastructure and the manpower and so on

(b) Conducting research on the subject, including guiding postgraduate and doctoral students.

(c) Teaching Fuel Cell technology subject

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