High Performance Concrete at AKC

Lecture on High Performance Concrete 
Ambuja Knowledge Centre 
27 August 2013


A two-day workshop on Advanced Concrete Mix Design was organized by the Ambuja Knowledge Centre (AKC), on 27-28 August 2013. The venue was Hotel Ramey, Pune. The workshop aimed at learning and  design of high performance concrete, self compacting concrete and pervious  concrete . The practical demonstration was organized on different tests like : workability test, flow table test, U-tube test, Y-tube test.

Dr J D Bapat delivered lecture on high performance concrete (HPC), focusing mainly on application of fly ash (FA). The term HPC is used for concrete mixtures that possess the following three properties, namely high-workability, high-strength and high-durability.

The conventional concrete is found deficient in strength,  durability in severe environment,  shorter service life and higher maintenance. It requires relatively longer construction time due to slow strength gain and longer release time of forms. It has lower energy absorption capacity, required for earthquake-resistant structures. It also entails higher repair and retrofitting.  Designed to exceed the performance of ordinary concrete,  HPC successfully removes the above deficiencies.

The application of mineral admixtures, like fly ash, blast furnace slag, has been found specially beneficial in HPC due to, improved workability, reduced bleeding, reduced heat of hydration, higher ultimate strength, reduced permeability, better durability in terms of increased resistance to reinforcement corrosion, carbonation, sulfate attack, alkali-aggregate reaction (AAR), reduced shrinkage and lower or comparable costs. The benefits vary depending on the type and quality of mineral admixture, proportion used, other mix ingredients, mixing procedure, field conditions and placement. One of the primary benefits of mineral admixture is  its reaction with available lime and alkali in concrete, producing additional cementitious  (C-S-H) compounds.

Number of case-studies were presented on prestigious projects, highlighting the special features.

The lecture was followed by q/a session in which the delegates participated enthusiastically.

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