ICI-JDB C-TDC Pune 27-28 July 2013

                                                     PUNE, INDIA, 27-28 JULY 2013


The Indian Concrete Institute (ICI), Pune Centre and Dr J D Bapat successfully organised 1st ICI-JDB Certificate of Training in Durability of Concrete (C-TDC), at Hotel Raviraj, Pune (India), on 27-28 July 2013.

The course was intended for engineers  working  at  construction  site  and interested  in  learning optimum utilisation of mineral admixtures for strength and durability, marketing   engineers,   who   frequently   face customer queries regarding benefits of blended cement  or  admixtures, engineers  working on product development and students/researchers interested   in   pursuing   studies   in   the    area. The course was enthusiastically attended by all concerned.

The content of course was related to how durability of concrete is achieved by properly incorporating mineral admixtures in cement and concrete. It included the aspects related to the manufacturing and processing, physical characteristics, chemical and mineralogical composition, quality control of the mineral admixture and the reported experiences as well as the provisions of national standards on its addition to cement and concrete. The discussion on hydration, besides presenting the practically relevant aspects of chemistry, covered the impact of the addition of mineral admixtures. The lectures on strength and durability presented mechanisms, models, standards and mitigation of concrete deterioration due to carbonation, alkali-aggregate reactions, chloride attack and corrosion of reinforcement, external as well as internal sulphate attack, decalcification and freeze-thaw action. The mineral admixtures covered were: pulverised fuel ash (PFA), blast furnace slag (BFS), silica fume (SF), rice husk ash (RHA), metakaolin (MK).

The contents were drawn from the book published by Dr J D Bapat: “Mineral Admixtures in Cement and Concrete”, CRC Press, Taylor & Francis group, USA. Please view publisher’s site for  details on the book.

All the participants received a technical volume containing the lecture notes and the Certificate.


Jeevan K., MD, Millennium Engineers & Contractors (P) Ltd.


The knowledge gain is wonderful. Lots of things are new as well as some revival of knowledge too.

My suggestion is to conduct such programmes at a better place with more participation.


Trivikram N. Shenvi, Sr. Manager- Technical Services, JSW Cement Limited 

…  As was deliberated in depth during CTDC program by Dr. J D Bapat, GGBS is an excellent and proven concrete ingredient to produce highly durable concrete structures. Concrete can be designed for high performance using GGBS in all applications like normal RCC works, mass concrete raft foundations, concrete bridges and dams, underground and underwater RCC structures, port facilities like jetties, wharfs, etc. GGBS becomes a necessary material where sulphates and chlorides are simultaneously encountered, especially in coastal areas….

……….JSW Cement thanks ICI Pune Centre, Engr. Telang and Dr. Bapat for efforts on spreading technical awareness on Mineral Admixtures for Durable Concrete among Engineering fraternity…… 

Prasad J Ekwachane, Asst. Project Manager, Vascon Engineers Ltd.

………. I think whatever content has been included this course has been absolutely very good. Apart from this, I suggest to conduct training programme on “good construction practice” or “advanced technology in construction work” 

Anupam Kumar Saxena, Estate Manager (Civil Engineer), Indian Institute of Tropical Metrology 

…………… Course was very much informative and interaction with other participants helped us make aware about market practices. …..

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