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Ideal for those Engaged in Stressful Activities

General Brief on Workshop (Download Brochure at the end of this page) 

Dr J D Bapat
, conducts the following workshop on Self Development for the benefit of young achievers, corporate executives and professionals:

Title: Excellence through Mindfulness

Experience Sharing: Dr J D Bapat
View Book Details: http://www.drjdbapat.com/my-book-on-self-improvement

Medium of Instruction: English (explanations in Marathi/Hindi, as required)

Days: 1 to 2 

Date(s) and Time: Suitable for participants

Venue: Organiser’s choice

Registration of Organiser: Contact Dr J D Bapat on (i) consult@drjdbapat.com or (ii) consult.bapat@yahoo.com

Topics: In the workshop, Dr J D Bapat shares his experience on how Yog: controlled breathing (pranayam) and meditation, can be used to develop the mind to effectively face the challenges of modern life, namely stress, guilt, disappointments, worries, fears and so on. Practical session will be conducted on meditation and controlled breathing (pranayam). The following topics will be covered, based on the personal experience, as included in the book mentioned as above:

(a) Meditation and Pranayam: Having appointment with the SELF

(b) Nature of SELF

(c) Mind-Body Medicine for Good Health

(d) Mantra for Success without Distress

(e) Building Durable Personal Relationships

(f) Write Your Destiny: The Law of Karma

(g) Living Happily Forever: Sukh-Sutra 

Who should Attend: Individuals involved in stressful jobs, like doctors, engineers, sales, marketing, corporate executives, businessmen, public services, higher education. Mindfulness training is to eliminate the stress, not just managing.   

World-renowned neuroscientist Richie Davidson on mindfulness (at the Center for Investigating Healthy  Minds at the University of Wisconsin-Madison):

“We can intentionally shape the direction of plasticity changes in our brain. By focusing on wholesome thoughts, for example, and directing our intentions in those ways, we can potentially influence the plasticity of our brains and shape them in ways that can be beneficial. That leads us to the inevitable conclusion that qualities like warm-heartedness and well-being should best be regarded as skills”.

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