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                This Book is a result of my quest .. ..                                                                                                                                                                                 .. .. .. .. .. .. .. ..; the quest to remain happy forever.

I approached the question, starting from fundamentals. Since happiness is a characteristic of self and expresses the state of mind, I thought it would be appropriate to first dwell upon what is the real nature of self. I realised, the real and original nature of self, common to all human beings, is empathic, pure and joyful. At that stage, I found my “self” has deviated considerably from its original nature. I knew from the tradition that meditation is a time-tested tool to reach the original nature of self. Like exercise is for the body, meditation is for the mind. I also practice controlled breathing or pranayam to assist meditation. I found, the blissful experiences gained during meditation are useful resolving conflicts, reducing stress, building durable personal relationships and recording improved performance at the work. Meditation and controlled breathing balance the intelligence. The exercise taught me to take a holistic view of life and life’s problems, i.e. to view the body and the mind together to analyse all pathological situations.

In each Chapter, I have included helpful tips to practice what is discussed, using meditation as a tool.

It is a story of an ascendant soul. The whole experience of understanding the self and working on mind put me firmly on the superior path; the path to reach the state of happiness forever.

I am confident, this book will be liked by thinkers, home makers, young achievers, executives and professionals.

TABLE OF CONTENTS: (Total Number of Pages: 108)

1. Nature of the Self: Conceiving the Inconceivable

1.1 Introduction

1.2  Sociologists’ and Psychologists’ View

1.3 Religious Views

1.3.1 Christianity

1.3.2 Islam

1.3.3 Buddhism


1.3.4 Hinduism

1.4 Scientific View

1.5 Common Identity of Human Self

1.6 Deeper Aspects of Self

1.6.1 Objective vis-à-vis Transcendental

1.6.2 Self  in Vedanta: Sat-Chit-Ananda

1.7 The doer

1.8 Summary


2. Meditation: Having an Appointment with the Self

2.1 Introduction

2.2 Meditation in Tradition

2.2.1 Indian Tradition

2.2.2 Buddhist Tradition

2.2.3 To Sum

2.3 Practice of Meditation

2.3.1 Pre-Meditation

2.3.2 Meditation Pranayam or Controlled Breathing Focused Attention (FA) Meditation Open Monitoring (OM) Meditation Practice

2.4 Physiological Effects of Meditation

2.5 Meditation Improves Resilience

2.6 Meditation Reveals the Eternity of Soul

2.7 Meditation Balances the Intelligence

2.8 Meditation as a Way of Life

2.9 Summary


3. Mind-Body Medicine for Good Health

3.1 Introduction

3.2 The Inner Process

3.3 Health Effects

3.4 Emotions and Illnesses


3.5 The Cell Out


3.6 Healing with Balance of Energy


3.7 Controlling Emotions, My Way

3.7.1 Ground Rules

3.8 Practice

3.9 Summary


4. The Mantra for Success without Distress

4.1 Introduction

4.2 Individual vis-à-vis Surrounding

4.2.1 Individual or the Soul Residing in the Body (System - 1)

4.2.2 The Surrounding (System - 2)

4.3 Look at a Typical Day in the Modern Life

4.4 Redefine Success (Shift the Paradigm)

4.4.1 Practice

4.5 Rules of Engagement with the Surrounding to Avoid Distress

4.5.1 Follow Ganesha

4.5.2 Stable Mind First Practice

4.5.3 You Only Play a Role Practice

4.5.4 All Good and Bad Things have to Walk up to Me Practice

4.5.5 Acceptance – the Great Game Changer Practice

4.5.6 Competition is only in the Mind

4.5.7 Take a Pause and Move Forward

4.5.8 Situations Change, hence Get Ready to Re-Engage

4.5.9 Be Ready to Walk Alone

4.5.10 “Beg, Borrow and Steal” is a Spoiler

4.6 The Mantra

4.7 Summary


5. Being Soulful: Building Durable Personal Relationships

5.1 Introduction

5.2 Trust

5.3 Mutual Communication – Pay Attention

5.4 Avoiding and Resolving Conflict

5.4.1 Delete Individuals and Objects and Focus only on Issues

5.4.2 While in Conversation, Avoid Talking about other Persons, who are not Present

5.4.3 Avoid Emotional Outbursts

5.4.4 When One Calls Someone’s “Right” as “Wrong”, Result is Sure Conflict

5.5 Tolerance and Gratitude are Great Assets

5.6 Anger is a the Greatest Spoiler

5.7 Go Headless

5.8 Spiritual

5.9 Practice

5.10 Summary


6. The Soul’s Journey: Writing the Destiny

6.1 Introduction

6.2 The Law of Karma

6.3 The Destiny

6.4 Practice

6.5 Summary

7. Chakras, Psoas, Medulla Oblongata and Gut Feeling

7.1 Introduction

7.2 Chakras: The Energy Centers

7.3 Psoas: The Muscle of the Soul

7.3.1 Psoas Release

7.4 Medulla Oblongata: The Entry Point of Cosmic Life Force

7.5 Gut: The Second Brain

7.6 Summary


8. Mining the Happiness Within

8.1 Introduction

8.2 Self: the Detached Observer and the Doer

8.3 Accepting the Truth: Change is the Only Thing Certain

8.4 Watching the Thoughts Continuously

8.4.1 Controlling the Rate

8.4.2 Eliminating Painful and Wasteful Thoughts from the Past Nostalgia Guilt Anger Grief          Doubt Prejudice

8.4.3 Eliminating Painful and Wasteful Thoughts about the Future

8.4.4 Practice   

8.5 Accepting the Surrounding as Destiny

8.6 Being in the Present

8.6.1 Practice

8.7 Mantras to Remain Happy Forever: the Soul’s Protocol

8.8 Summary



Short term motivational courses (1 to 5 days), covering the book contents as above, have been formulated. The course title is as follows:

"Excellence at Work and Relationships with Yogic Consciousness" 

These courses are useful for young achievers, students, executives and thinkers working in different professional fields. 


Two Day Motivational Workshop: "Write Your Destiny: Permanent Self Transformation through Meditation and Pranayam"


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  • Two-Day Motivational Workshop (20-21 October 2018): Write Your Destiny: 

    Permanent Self Transformation through Meditation and Pranayam


Organised at Pune on 20-21 October 2018. In the workshop, Dr J D Bapat shared his experience on how Yog: controlled breathing (pranayam) and meditation, can be used to develop the mind to effectively face the challenges of modern life, namely stress, guilt, disappointments, worries, fears and so on, to achieve excellence at work and relationships. Thus helping one to write own destiny. Practical sessions were be conducted on meditation and controlled breathing (pranayam). The following topics were covered, based on the personal experience, as included in the book mentioned as above:    (a) Nature of Self: Conceiving the Inconceivable
(b) Meditation: Having appointment with the Self 
(c) Mind-Body Medicine for Good Health
(d) The Mantra for Success without Distress 
(e) Being Soulful: Building Durable Personal Relationships 
(f) The Soul's Journey: Writing the Destiny 
(g) Chakras, Psoas, Medulla Oblongata and Gut Feeling
(h) Mining the Happiness Within