Petcoke Fuel for Cement Production

Cement Business and Industry (CBI), India and South Asia,
October 9-10, 2013, Mumbai, India

The GMI Global, LLC, organized a two day conference, Cement Business and Industry (CBI), India and South Asia, at Mumbai, on 9-10 October 2013. The venue was Hilton International Airport Hotel. Dr J D Bapat gave a presentation on “Petcoke as Fuel for Cement production: Benefits and Challenges”. Good number of Indian and international organisations were represented in the Conference, some of which are mentioned below:

Lafarge India
CW Group
Afghan Ministry of Mines
Claudius Peters Projects GmbH
Ultratech Cement
RNCOS Business Consultancy
Ambit Capital
National council for Cement and Building Materials
HGH Systems
Task force for Business and Stability Operations, US Department of Defense
Geicycle Business, ACC
PwC India
Shree Cement
RNB Cement
DPTS Enterprises
Reliance Cement
World Business Council for Sustainable Development
Zuari cement
Prism Cement
Tata Strategic Management Group

The Indian Cement Industry today prefers petcoke as an alternate fuel for cement manufacturing for various reasons. The important among them are as follows:

(a) High calorific value > 8,000 kcal/kg (3500-4500 kcal/kg conventional),  low ash content  and low volatile matter (but high sulphur content, up to 7%)
(b) Resource conservation thru production of higher grade cement or utilisation of marginal and low grade raw materials
(c) Saving in transport cost due to lesser fuel load
(d) Saving in the initial cost (fuel cost constitutes about 48% of the cost of cement production)

However the burning of petcoke also throws some challenges, like:

(a) Low  hard  groove  index: difficult  to  grind
(b) Low  volatile  matter:  difficult  to  burn
(c) High  sulphur: Condensation  of sulpahtes and chlorides in preheater section results in jamming of process flows, termed as volatile cycles 

Dr Bapat, in his presentation, discussed how these challenges are effectively met by the cement industry. The delegates actively participated in q/a session, that followed.

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