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5. Cement, Concrete and Construction: Linkedin Group

The principal aim of the group is to promote the sustainable development of cement, concrete and construction industry, through teaching, research and trade. In particular, contributions and suggestions from the members are welcome in the following areas: (a) Productivity enhancement, environment protection and energy saving in cement manufacturing, (b) Use of industrial wastes, such as fly ash, blast furnace and other slags, silica fume in cement and concrete, (c) use of agricultural wastes such as rice husk ash, bagasse ash and others in cement and concrete, (d) new admixtures in concrete, (e) areas for research and development. Join this Group on Linkedin. 

6. Mineral Admixtures in Cement & Concrete: Linkedin Group

The aim of this group is to provide a knowledge platform for those engaged in research, development and application of mineral admixtures in cement and concrete. Members are welcome to share knowledge on materials, micro-structure, processing, physical, mineralogical and chemical aspects, standard practices, strength and durability studies related to the mineral admixtures like pulverised fuel ash, blast furnace slag, rice husk ash, silica fume, metakaolin and new admixtures under development.

7. Higher Education and Research: Linkedin Group

The Group has been created to express thoughts and exchange information on higher education. The individuals engaged in teaching, research, administration of higher education are welcome to join and contribute in the areas of courses and contents, evaluation methods, quality and so on. Join this Group .. ..

8. Fuel Cell Society of India (FCSI): Linkedin Group

The Fuel Cell Society of India (FCSI) is an association of professionals to promote research, industry and trade in fuel cells and allied industry. The focus will be on materials, modeling, manufacturing and applications. It is a voluntary organisation and shall engage in organising seminars, workshops, training programmes at national and international level. It is also proposed to bring out a periodic publication in print form which will include technical papers on the subject. The FCSI shall strive to promote research and innovation in the academic institutions, R&D laboratories and industry. Join this Group .. ..

9. Fuel Cell Technology: Linkedin Group

The group aims to exchange views and ideas on: (a) teaching fuel cell technology as a subject in the university, (b) research in the area of modeling, materials and applications, (c) product development and cost reduction. Join this Group .. ..

10. Dr J D Bapat - Current Contents: Blog

Views on the current topics by Dr J D Bapat

11. Dr Bapat's Mind Blogs: Blog

In this Blog the author, Dr J D Bapat, expresses his views on the fundamental issues concerning the social life, morals, values, beliefs, science and engineering, politics and so on. The author is a firm believer of secular politics, destiny and the phenomenon of rebirth. View this blog .. ..

12. Pranayam or Controlled Breathing: Blog

In this blog, the author explains how the ancient Indian practice of Pranayam or controlled breathing help improving our mental and physical health. View this blog .. ..

13. Green Energy: Blog

This blog has been created by the author to inform and update the information on the energy sources that do not lead to generation of pollutants or green house gas, such as: wind, solar, geothermal and other sources. View this blog .. ..

14. Sustainable Living Developments: Blog

This blog has been created by the author to inform viewers on the current developments in sustainable living techniques in different areas, such as housing, energy, environment and so on. View this blog .. ..

15. Homoeopathy as a Way of Life: Blog

In the blog, the author narrates his and his wife's experience in adopting homoeopathy as a way of life. View this blog .. ..

16. Effluent Treatment and Recycling: Blog

This blog has been created by the author, Dr J D Bapat, to inform and update the information on effluent treatment and recycling technology. View this blog .. ..