Dr J D Bapat

Adviser & Development Professional

Cement Manufacturing, Concrete, Construction, Engineering & Higher Education, Arbitration, Self Development

Since last over four decades, Dr J D Bapat (Jayant D Bapat) is engaged in teaching, research, professional service and training in the areas of (a) Cement manufacturing, (b) Concrete, (c) Construction, (d) As Academic Adviser for Engineering and Higher Educational Institutions, (e) Arbitration and (f) Motivation or Self Development. This site gives information on the qualification, work experience and the professional services provided by Dr J D Bapat.

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My professional service and expertise will be useful, in case you have the following requirements:

(a) Advising and directing R&D activity in the cement manufacturing and applications, modernisation, energy & environment, development of new cement and concrete products.

(b) Updating knowledge on application of mineral admixtures in cement and concrete, for strength and durability.

(c) Techno-marketing of cement and concrete, mineral or chemical admixtures.

(d) Industrial Training and University Teaching (view details on website).

(e) Arbitrator in engineering, when dispute resolution requires understanding of technical issues.

(f) Academic Adviser for engineering and higher educational institution for formulation of national level R&D projects for external funding and their supervision, teaching and quality management system (QMS)

(g) Self Development Training, based on Meditation, Yoga and Pranayam (controlled breathing): For executives involved in stressful work.

Dr J D Bapat is currently based at Pune, Maharshtra, India. In order to contact him, send your message to: (1) consult@drjdbapat.com (2) consult.bapat@yahoo.com

Book Publications:

Author: Jayant D Bapat: CRC Press Book: "Mineral Admixtures in Cement and Concrete".

Covers materials, hydration, strength & durability of cement and concrete, with mineral admixtures

Buy this Book Online: https://www.amazon.in/Mineral-Admixtures-Cement-Concrete-Jayant/dp/1439817928

Also available on Amazon.com

Author: Jayant D Bapat: Createspace Independent Publication: "Blissful Souls All of Us: My Quest to Remain Happy Forever"

Book on Self Development, based on Meditation, Yoga and Pranayam (controlled breathing)

Buy this book online: https://www.amazon.in/Blissful-Souls-All-Us-Forever/dp/1981536477

Also available on Amazon.com

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