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Readers may please note, these blogs serve the purpose of introduction to the subject and leave scope for further improvement.

(1) Self Compacting Concrete

(2) ASTM Standard on Limestone Blended Cement

(3) Concrete to Prevent Floor Covering Failures

(4) A Lesson for Structural Engineers

(5) Holcim Patent: Using Waste Heat from Clinker Cooler

(6) Pervious Concrete

(7) Bandra-Worli Sea Link (India)

(8) Roller Compacted Concrete (RCC): Pavements

(9) Self-Cleaning Concrete

(10) Bacterial Concrete

(11) Energy Efficient Buildings

(12) Pulverized Fuel Ash (PFA) or Fly Ash (FA) for Durable Concrete

(13) Guidelines to Select Cement for Concrete

(14) Construction Chemicals for Concrete Durability

(15) Using Recycled Concrete in Construction

(16) Shrinkage Compensating Concrete

(17) Testing Concrete for Corrosion Resistance

(18) Slag Cement for Durable Structures

(19) Blended Cement with Blast Furnace Slag

(20) Case for Greater Utilisation of Fly Ash in Cement and Concrete

(21) EPA Regulation on Mercury and other Harmful Pollutants

(22) What Consumers should Know about Cement

(23) Cement Grinding Aids

(24) Relevance of Rice Husk Ash for the Sustainability of Construction Industry

(25) Sustainable Construction through Application of Pulverized Fuel Ash (PFA) or Fly Ash (FA) in Concrete

(26) Energy Efficiency in Buildings and Cities

(27) Characteristics of Sustainable Construction

(28) Reducing Carbon Footprint of Concrete

(29) Green Buildings LEED Certification

(30) Communicating about Formwork

(31) Transparent Concrete

(32) Using Building Code to Improve Construction Quality

(33) Maturity Method to Monitor the Strength Development of Concrete

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