Professional Bulletin: Cement Manufacturing & Concrete

Objective: This is a quarterly professional e-bulletin only for private circulation. It is proposed to cover the current updates on the following subjects:

Cement Manufacturing

Concrete, Mineral and Chemical Admixtures

Teaching, Training and Research

Trade and Industry

Advertisement: The trade and industry are welcome to advertise their products and/or services. The advertisement will be in the form of brief description of your product or service (25-40 words). The brief will be prepared by you and it may contain links to websites. An amount of USD 100.00 (USD one hundred) is charged for one insertion, four times over the year. Please see the style in the current Bulletin. Send your inquiries to: and/or

Readership: The Bulletin will directly reach nearly 100,000 professionals in my network and nearly ten times as much in other networks where I participate.

The readers are welcome to send feedback.

Dr J D Bapat is available for tele-consulting. Send your feedback.

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