Online Presentation, Q/A & Knowledge Sharing Session

Time Line: Each month on the second Sunday, 4 PM (Indian Standard Time), Dr J D Bapat or organises an "Online Presentation, Q/A and Knowledge Sharing Session". The announcement is made on LinkedIn (LinkedIn event), Facebook and WhatsApp Group, generally three days before the scheduled date of the event.

Who Should Attend: Engineers working in all sectors of cement, concrete & construction are welcome to join. This session is free and all interested are welcome to join. The link to join is shared. Save in the calendar. No need to register.

Scope: Scope for Q/A: Cement quality and its improvement. Impact of manufacturing. Manufacturing new varieties, like composite cement, railway sleeper cement. R&D. Training. Grinding aids. Mineral admixtures, viz fly ash, blast furnace slag, silica fume, metakaolin, rice husk ash and new varieties. Chemical admixtures. Concrete with admixtures. Concrete durability and deterioration. Cement based building materials, viz dry mix mortar, thin bed mortar, micro-concrete, AAC, fly ash bricks and so on.

Presentation: Short presentation on a relevant topic, generally suggested by the participants

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