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Blissful Souls All Of Us

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This Book is a result of my quest .. ..

.. .. .. .. .. .. .. ..; the quest to remain happy forever.

I approached the question, starting from fundamentals. Since happiness is a characteristic of self and expresses the state of mind, I thought it would be appropriate to first dwell upon what is the real nature of self. I realised, the real and original nature of self, common to all human beings, is empathic, pure and joyful. At that stage, I found my “self” has deviated considerably from its original nature. I knew from the tradition that meditation is a time-tested tool to reach the original nature of self. Like exercise is for the body, meditation is for the mind. I also practice controlled breathing or pranayam to assist meditation. I found, the blissful experiences gained during meditation are useful resolving conflicts, reducing stress, building durable personal relationships and recording improved performance at the work. Meditation and controlled breathing balance the intelligence. The exercise taught me to take a holistic view of life and life’s problems, i.e. to view the body and the mind together to analyse all pathological situations.

In each Chapter, I have included helpful tips to practice what is discussed, using meditation as a tool.

It is a story of an ascendant soul. The whole experience of understanding the self and working on mind brought me firmly on the superior path; the path to reach the state of happiness forever.

I am confident, this book will be equally liked by thinkers, home makers, young achievers, executives and professionals.

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